What is Terrorbane?

Presented as a classic JRPG inspired by the 16bit era, Terrorbane is a tongue-in-cheek adventure telling the story of an arrogant developer at his first videogame project, eager to make YOU, the player, his unfortunate test subject: challenged to face a great variety of bugs and glitches while enduring sloppy storyline and broken gameplay.

the dev

The Developer will be a constant presence, guiding and bothering the player throughout the game, creating fun and unpredictable events.

A tribute to

The game makes fun of both old-school and contemporary gaming, with quotes, nods and references from many milestone titles.

Bug List

The player will record all bugs, glitches and errors in his personal bug list, much to our Dev's dismay, trying to "collect" them all.

multiple playtroughs

Terrorbane encourages multiple playtroughs, allowing the player to experience many, random, totally different situations.


What they say about us

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"I appreciated both the writing and the audio/graphical presentation of this idea. Based on my own personal tastes, this is the project I'm loking forward to the most."

"Terrorbane, a game that managed to make us fall for it, with only 20 minutes of trial gameplay."

"The guys at BitNine Studio excel in entertaining the player with their wacky and funny twists, but also with some pure, unadulterated nonsense."

"One of the most peculiar and "outside the box" esperiences, between the many projects proposed by AESVI."

"Terrorbane managed to surprise us with one of the best distinctions an indie title can boast: originality."

"Have you ever seen a game with such a good character design? We bet you haven't!"


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